Colonial Past in European Memory


A conversation between KUNCI ( Brigitta Isabella, Ferdiansyah Thajib, Fiky Daulay, Nuraini Juliastuti, Syafiatudina), Sara Giannini (curator of heterotropics project) and Chiara De Cesari, an anthropologist and assistant professor with a double appointment in European Studies and in Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Cesari’s research broadly focuses on memory, heritage, and broader cultural politics and the ways in which these change under conditions of globalization, particularly the intersection of cultural memory, transnationalism and current transformations of the nation-state. She is also interested in the globalization of contemporary art and forms of creative institutionalism and statecraft.

The conversation was centered on how the inertia of cultural institutions such as museum, facing colonial past in relation to rising discourse of European memory. The discussion was followed by question of materiality of museums’ archive: does the idea of remembering colonial past depart from abundant materials?; do museums see its materials as economic resources or as object of knowledge? The discussion took place in Riouwstraat, on 4th June 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The recording was edited by Fiky Daulay. Download the audio file via this link.