Indonesian Students Movements Before the Independence


A conversation between KUNCI (Brigitta Isabella, Fiky Daulay and Nuraini Juliastuti) and Klaas Stutje. Stutje is a researcher for International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam. Klaas Stutje takes part in the larger research program called ‘Four Centuries of Labor Camps: War, Rehabilitation, Ethnicity’, which is financed by the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research and carried out by IISH and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The conversation about his research departs by complicating Netherlands as a site that encouraged modern education for paternalistic independence formation from Dutch perspective. His research rather discussed the role of Indonesian students organisation ‘Perhimpunan Indonesia’ as a network of people that allowed them to get connected in wider and diverse social movements in European cities. This network later shaped the idea of nationalist movement in Indonesia. Download the audio file via this link. This audio was edited by Fiky Daulay.