Archive Tour at IISH


A tour at International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, hosted by Klaas Stutje. Stutje who is a researcher working at IISH brought us to the storage to look at the archive collection. The tour consisted of explanation on history of the building, research practice and the collection which is mainly dominated by leftist movement related archive. Stutje further explained about the institute practice in collecting, maintaining and re-writing of the archive. The institute also stored archives related to Indonesian social movement in its important period such as decolonization (1945-1949), 65 exile in the Netherlands, and Reformasi. This tour was joined by Brigitta Isabella, Fiky Daulay, Nuraini Juliastuti, Syafiatudina and Sara Giannini (curator of Heterotropics project). Editor: Fiky Daulay

Download the audio file via this link.