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Uleebalang, Train and Java java

Podcasts 26 May 17 0

Raisa Kamila shared her master research project at Universiteit Leiden about the role of Acehnese local collaborators in relation to train as colonial infrastructure. It focuses on the shift of uleebalang’s involvement which has been often seen as betrayal through colonial “legacy” history writing into local collaborators that encouraged local resistance. Her research implies the negation of “victim” as often voiced through NGOs discourse impinged upon Aceh locality in contemporary Indonesia. The interview was conducted by Fiky Daulay as part of Kunci’s research residency with Heterotropics#2 at Tropenmuseum. Editor: Fiky Daulay

Download the audio file via this link.

Kuliah Umum Gayatri Spivak di Yogyakarta, 2006

Podcasts 17 Apr 17 0

Pada tanggal 4 dan 5 Maret 2006, Gayatri Spivak datang ke Indonesia atas undangan KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yayasan Seni Cemeti, Kedai Kebun Forum, dan Universitas Sanata Dharma. RekamanĀ ini berasal dari kuliah umum yang diselenggarakan di Universitas Sanata Dharma. Unduh rekaman audio melalui tautan ini.