Live Tour at Dapperbuurt


“Live tour at Dapperbuurt” was created as part of Kunci’s research residency project at Tropen museum at Heterotropics#2. The tour contained a discussion and a walk with a Dutch architecture historian Marieke Van Rooy. The discussion was started with her Phd research with 3 case studies area in Netherland: Biljmermeer, Dapperbuurt, and Almere. She has been researching about the shift of development in the areas since 60’s-70’s. The interconnection among the areas lays on the separation of the immigrants and the city in Biljmejmeer as it was also reflected by the constant changing of the Dapperbuurt development. The discussion was followed by her dilution trilogy project about psychiatric institutions which are related to the Netherlands. It was later followed by visiting Dapperbuurt where few examples pragmatic development of the housing were. It led us to how Marieke used the archive from initiator of the collaboration of inhabitants of Dapperbuurt with architects they chose during the 60’s. The interview was conducted by Fiky Daulay. Editor: Fiky Daulay

Download the audio file via this link.