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Public Lecture Asian Studying Asia, 2002

Podcasts 17 Apr 17 0

Rekaman audio untuk kuliah umum “Asian Studying Asia” yang diselenggarakan pada 14-15 Mei 2002. Pembicara dalam kuliah umum ini adalah Melanie Budianta, Kuan-Hsing Chen, Nuraini Juliastuti dan Antariksa. Moderator diskusi ini adalah Amalinda Savirani.

Unduh: bagian 1, bagian 2, bagian 3, bagian 4.


Interview with Kommen Bleiben and Bermuda Garten

Podcasts 17 Apr 17 0

Conversation between Syafiatudina (KUNCI, Yogyakarta), Flo (Kommen und Bleiben) and Jolanda Todt (Bermuda Garten), on the usage of shared space, knowledge exchange, and why we need to rework our notion of citizenship. This interview was conducted in the site of Bermuda Garten which located next to Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, on 25th April 2016.

Photo of Bermuda Garten is taken from here. Download the audio file via this link.

Kuliah Umum Gayatri Spivak di Yogyakarta, 2006

Podcasts 17 Apr 17 0

Pada tanggal 4 dan 5 Maret 2006, Gayatri Spivak datang ke Indonesia atas undangan KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yayasan Seni Cemeti, Kedai Kebun Forum, dan Universitas Sanata Dharma. Rekaman ini berasal dari kuliah umum yang diselenggarakan di Universitas Sanata Dharma. Unduh rekaman audio melalui tautan ini.

Susana Nisa reads America is in the Heart and A Dog Died in Bala Murghab

Podcasts 16 Apr 17 0

Susana Nisa reads America is in the Heart, chapter 23, from Carlos Bulosan and Linda Christanty’s short story entitled A Dog Died in Bala Murghab. These texts are from Afterwork Readings book ( Susana Nisa is a pen name for Susanawati, an Indonesian migrant worker from Malang, East Java who has been working in Hong Kong since 2005. Some of her essay, opinion and feature writings were published in Hong Kong based Indonesian media.

Numpang as Politics of Sharing-Space

Podcasts 09 Apr 16 0

What alternative forms of politics and economy are being produced in the practice of numpang and sharing space? What meanings and values can be ascribed to this spatial practice? What kind of new power relations emerge in this situation? Syafiatudina (KUNCI) in conversation with AbdouMaliq Simone, urbanist.

Download via this link.

Studying Space-sharing

Podcasts 09 Apr 16 0

How can numpang create a situation for study? What kind of values are being exchanged in this interaction? How to contextualize the history of numpang in contemporary artistic context? How to unlearn numpang?

Nuraini Juliastuti (KUNCI) in conversation with Read-in members, Annette Krauss and Hyunju Chung, about their activity, Read-in Classic which consists in going door-to-door and requesting neighbours to host a group reading session spontaneously. According to Read-in, the Read-in Classics are;

It has been our first experiment experiments through which we challenge our conventions around reading. Searching for a spontaneous host for an instant reading session challenges notions of hospitality, our relationship to public and private realms. It uses the uncomfortableness of the whole situation in order to investigate how reading practices perform a certain non-physicality. Read-in’s interventions experiment with the political, material, and physical implications of collective reading and the situatedness of any kind of reading activity. (source)

The conversation will be moderated by Syafiatudina.
Download via this link.

The Publicness of Space-sharing

Podcasts 09 Apr 16 0

How can space-sharing lead to communal cooperation and common inhabitation? What to think of wealth and poverty; publicness and privacy, collectivity and individuality in the realm of common property? How to institutionalize these social practices without reproducing the notion of community as a closed world? How to maintain creative access to these open spaces while keeping distance from legislative demands and market interpellations?

By reflecting on their past and present engagement in wastelands and other forms of open/public spaces in urban settings, during Radio KUNCI: Live Event #2, Alex Head from Wasteland Twinning Project and Ferdiansyah Thajib (KUNCI) will touch on the different issues at stake in thinking about space-sharing as communal practices.

Download via this link.


Making a Home Away from Home

Podcasts 09 Apr 16 0

Menschen Bewegen 2016 – Long Night of Ideas
Syafiatudina (KUNCI) discussing with Philip Horst, Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) and Sinthujan Varatharajah (Flütchlinge Wilkommen). Moderator: Alya Sebti and Elke aus dem Moore (ifa).

Will your home become ours too? How does one carve out a feeling of belonging to a place which doesn’t belong to me to begin with? What are the limits of “numpang”? What lies between its use and abuse? How do people living in the same space give life to that space?

Be it car sharing, temporary shelter, or the occupation of public spaces: Which values are being exchanged? How are values and profits defined, how does this problematise notions of real estate? As a kick-off, the ifa Gallery Berlin shares its space with the transdisciplinary collective KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre from Yogyakarta.

In a four-week research project, KUNCI will transform the gallery space into a temporary radio station, in which the Indonesian practice of “numpang” will be collectively questioned as a politics of sharing space, place and time. The notion of “numpang” refers to spatial positionings and vernacular social interactions that demand the consent of others. And how does the practice of “numpang” undermine the relation between individuality and collectivity? Local and international actors and initiatives are invited to negotiate their perspectives on sharing in different geopolitical situations.

Radio KUNCI will broadcast programmes about weekly topics. KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre acts as an independent, transdisciplinary collective at the interface of theory and practice. Since its foundation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1999, KUNCI is dedicated to researching, producing, and sharing critical knowledge – by means of publications, cross-disciplinary encounters, research, artistic interventions, and educational practice.

Download via this link.